As a motivational incentive, the “Colegio Heraldos del Evangelio Internacional” school in Costa Rica presented a play entirely in English, in which all the students took part.  The play, “The King Who Did Not Pray the Rosary”, was carefully translated from Spanish into English by students of this institution, and the direction of the play was carried out entirely by the tenth grade students who dedicated their efforts to creating additional characters and their respective lines, to arranging costumes and scenery, and to practicing with the other students.

The play is about a king who, by wearing a Rosary hanging from his waist, moves his subjects to increase their devotion to Our Lady and to fervently pray the Rosary. The people believe they are following the king’s example, yet when he falls ill and is faced with God’s judgment, he finds himself on the brink of eternal condemnation because he never really prayed the Rosary and because of his many sins.  Our Lady intercedes for him, and in return for all the Rosaries that were prayed in the kingdom during his reign, the king is restored to health and becomes a true example of devotion and piety.

This presentation was much enjoyed by the teachers and the members of the community who attended, and everyone was impressed by the fluency and precision displayed by the participants, especially their English teacher, Ms. Karen Wegley.

Congratulations for a job well done!